IC*Häxan de l'Eperon x Troy av Folgefonn

born May 20, 2014

J3 Litter : Witchcraft

norvegien noir et blancchatons norvegiens silver disponibles montelimar

IC Häxan de l'Eperon x Troy av Folgefonn


Both parents have been screened free of HCM and CIN. They are GSD4 and PK Def N/N. They are negative for FIV/FELV.

Nom Sexe Couleur Statut
Jareth the Goblin King n 09 22 - black silver tabby blotched and white male booked
Jedusor Lord Voldemort ns - black smoke male booked
Jettatura fs 22 - black silver tortie tabby blotched female booked
Join the Magic Dance fs 09 - black smoke and white female


Jinx Me Wicked Baby fs (09?) 22 - black silver tortie tabby blotched and white female in kitten heaven...
Jette Moi un Sortilège fs 09 - black tortie smoke and white female booked


Pictures of the kittens

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Meaning of the names

The mother of the kittens is called Häxan, which means "witch" in Swedish. The theme of this dark litter - a litter all black, silver and fire - is Witchcraft. Hoping for some magical kittens...

Jareth the Goblin King rules over the magical kingdom of Labyrinth in said movie. Beautiful Jareth, played by David Bowie, is an ambiguous character, and his powers are of cosmic range : for love, he can disrupt time and space.

Jedusor Lord Voldemort : in the Harry Potter series, the young orphan Tom Malvolo Riddle (Tom Jedusor in French) becomes the greatest dark wizard of all times, the terrifying Lord Voldemort

Jettatura : it's the Italian name of the "evil eye", of the curse one can cast upon someone. The French romantic writer Théophile Gautier wrote a wonderful short story called Jettatura, about a young man who understands that he is a jettatore and brings bad luck unwillingly to his loved ones.

Join the Magic Dance : in the movie Labyrinth, Dance Magic Dance is the song David Bowie sings for the Goblins. Listen to the song here.

Jinx Me Wicked Baby : Jinx Me, what a lovely name for the daughter of a witch ! And "Wicked" is a reference to the fantastic musical about the witches of Oz.

Jette Moi un Sortilège : French for "Cast a spell upon me ".

Selling terms

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