Hekla de l'Eperon x Feragen des Iles Lofoten

litter born September 12, 2013

Litter I4 : Eclectic

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Hekla de l'Eperon x Feragen des Iles Lofoten


Feragen belongs to my friend Julia Ramos, cattery Fées d'Avalon. Thank you so much, Julia, for your trust and your friendship. I am so happy about this mating !!! I have always loved Feragen, since he was a baby, and his pedigree is filled with cats that I adore, as Fiskerjenta's Smultron, Blasippa des Iles Lofoten or Vivian Leigh de Laïloken. Thank you!

Both parents are GSD4 negative, and screened free of HCM and PKD/CIN at a Pawpeds-listed specialist (last scan 2013). Hekla is PK Def N/K, Feragen is PK Def N/N.

Nom Sexe Couleur Statut
Iqaluit a 02 - blue and white male lives with Marjorie in Brussel (Belgium)
Innamoramento d - red male lives with Evelyne and Amador in Vidauban (83)
Icare n 23 - brown tabby mackerell male lives with Emilie and Pierre-Yves in Lyon (69)
Ipanema f 09 22 - black tortie tabby blotched and white female

with Izabela and Rafal in Wroclaw, Poland Una Voce

Iliade a 09 22 - blue tabby blotched and white female lives with Evelyne and Amador in Vidauban (83)
Isblomma n 02 - black and white arlequine female lives with Joëlle and family in Colmar (68)

Pictures of the kittens

~ At birth ~ Two weeks ~ Three weeks ~ 4 weeks ~ 5 weeks ~ 7 weeks ~ 9 weeks ~ 10 weeks ~ 12 weeks

Iliade et Innamoramento in her new home

Isblomma in her new home

Ipanema in her new home

Icare in her new home

Iqaluit in his new home

Meaning of the names

2013 was a big baby boom-year at Eperon cattery, because some girls rushed me into letting them get mated earlier than I thought... so I had four litters ! All names must start with "I" this year, and I don't have themes for a whole litter anymore. So, this is an eclectic litter, without a theme, but with several names I love and wanted to give to some kittens this year !

Iqaluit is the capital city of the Northern territory of Nunavut in Canada. This huge territory, belonging to the Native people, is an amazing and wild place, with icy fields, fjords and icebergs, where you can find arctic foxes, seals and bears.

Icare (French for Icarus) is, in the ancient Greek mythology, a man who crafts wings to escape and to fly into the sky, but he will come too close to the sun, and the heat will melt the wax attaching the wings to his back...

Innamoramento : in Italian Renaissance poetry, the "innamoramento" is love at first sight. But it is also the title of a wonderful album by the French singer Mylène Farmer - this kitten, red-haired like her, was born on her birthday, so I couldn't resist...

Ipanema is a wonderful beach in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. This cosmopolitan and colourful place gives my tortie a perfect name !

Iliade (Iliad in French) is an epic poem by Homer, telling the tale of the Trojan War.

Isblomma means "ice flower" in Swedish - frost draws them on windowpanes, plants and waters... Also, it is a little tribute to my first NFO, Ellora Isblomma du Clos des Préaux !

Selling terms

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