Hekla de l'Eperon x Troy av Folgefonn

born April 26, 2014

J1 Litter : On the Dark Side

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Hekla de l'Eperon x Troy av Folgefonn


Both parents have been screened free of HCM and CIN. They are GSD4 N/N. Troy is PK Def N/N, Hekla is PK Def N/K. They are negative for FIV/FELV.


Nom Sexe Couleur Statut
Jafar ns - black smoke male booked
Jack The Ripper ns - black smoke male in kitten heaven...
Jasper The Vampire ds (22?) - red silver (classic tabby?) male booked
Jet Black Rapunzel fs 09 - black tortie smoke and white female


Jasputina ds (22?) - red silver (classic tabby?) female booked

Pictures of the kittens

~ One day ~ 3 days ~ 12 days ~ 3 weeks ~ One month ~ ~ 5 weeks ~ Six weeks and a half ~ Two months ~ 10 weeks ~ 12 weeks ~

Jasper the Vampire in his new home

Jet Black Rapunzel in her new home

Meaning of the names

The colours of that litter, all darkness and fire, made me feel like looking for names on the dark side of the force.... that litter has evil names, but they are adorable, I swear !

Jafar is the arch enemy of the sultan and of Aladdin in the movie bearing that name. He is cunning, manipulative and dangerous.

Jack The Ripper is the famous killer of Whitechapel, London... a legendary bad guy !

Jasper The Vampire is Edward Cullen's brother in the Twilight series. He has a borderline personality and cannot really control his thirst for blood. And of course, it's also the name of my beloved neutered male Sarek's Jasper.

Jet Black Rapunzel is the nickname of an enigmatic and disturbing girl in the novel Mind of Winter.

Jasputina is a name I have invented, based on the name "Rasputin", the famous Russian monk who had foreseen the fall of the Romanov dynasty, and who was rumoured to be a wizard.

Selling terms

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