Quiroga Jakobusland x Troy av Folgefonn

born May 9, 2014

J2 Litter : Viva España

chatons norvegienschatons norvegiens disponibles montelimar

Quiroga Jakobusland x Troy av Folgefonn

Both parents are GSD4 and PK Def N/N, and screened negative for HCM and PKD/CIN (last screen : 2014).


Jalapeño ds 09 (22) - red silver (classic tabby ?) and white male available (pet)
Jabino ns 09 22 - black silver classic tabby and white male booked
Jijona fs 09 22 - black silver tortie tabby classic and white female booked


Pictures of the kittens

~ At birth ~ 11 days ~ 17 days ~ 25 days ~ 5 weeks ~ 7 weeks ~ 2 months ~ 10 weeks ~

Meaning of the names

The mother of the babies, Quiroga Jakobusland, comes from Spain, and it's been a long time since I have wished to honour her origins and her breeders Edith and Carlos, who had welcomed me warmly in their wonderful house in Gondomar, Galicia, with a Spanish-themed litter. Huge thanks for Edith for helping me with the names. Here is the Spanish litter !

* Jalapeño *

chatons norvegiens disponibles montelimar

The jalapeño is a little chili pepper - a spicy name for a beautiful red baby.

* Jabino *

chatons norvegiens disponibles montelimar

Jabino is the Spanish name of the juniper, out of which gin is made. An intoxicating name for a stunning baby.

* Jijona *

chatons norvegiens disponibles montelimar

Jijona candy is a very popular Spanish specialty. It is made out of almonds and honey, produced in the lovely city of Alicante, and eaten during Christmas time. The bright colours of Jijona reminded me of my lovely tortie.

Selling terms

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