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Welcome on the homepage of the cattery De l'Eperon ! We're breeding with passion, much love and care Norwegian forest cats in the South of France.

The Norwegian forest cat is a marvellous, unique feline, whose beauty and kindness can't be toped ! With their thick, gorgeous fur, their lynx eyes, their beautiful look, their affectionate and friendly way, the close relationship they create with their owner, they do really cast a spell upon you… It's a magic cat and we could never breed another one... If you wish to be ravished, just contact us : thanks to the TGV (high speed train), only three hours separate the cattery from Paris, one from Lyon and Marseille.

Our cats share our daily lives. No closed doors, no cats living alone, and of course, no cages. The females live with us in the house, and so does the male : we will do everything to make that last ! The cats have access to a 60 square meters pen, for them to enjoy the outside without running any risks. We focus on quality and not on quantity, so that we do breed only a few litters per year. (Of course, every female cat has only one litter per year…)

Our cats are GSD4 negative. They are tested for PKD. They are HCM-screened regularly. Their health is extremely important to us.

Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy and well-tempered cats, with stunning, "wild" looks. We take our cats to FIFe shows regularly. We really try to act in a respectful way towards our cats, the interest of the breed and the future owners of our kittens. We are members of various cat clubs (AIDS, CCFN, the FIFe cat-club CCLDS), whose breeding rules we respect, and communities ( , a great forum gathering breeders and owners of NFO in a spirit of tolerance and friendship). According to the French law, our cattery is being declared and inspected by the veterinary authorities.

All cats are, of course, vaccinated every year and protected against parasites. We love our cats and all the kittens who are born in our cattery, so that we try to chose the best families for them. Our kitten leave us at the age of 13 weeks, vaccinated two times against feline panleukopenia, cat flu and leucosis, and against rabbies if they go abroad, fitted with a microchip for identification, dewormed, used to living in a family, and of course, with a French LOOF pedigree (or a FIFe pedigree upon request, since we belong to a FIFe cat club) and a veterinary health certificate.

Please understand that, since we breed them with much love, we don't want to see them disappear, get stolen or killed by a car, and therefore we don't want them to be "out-runners".

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I hope you'll enjoy this virtual walk through our cattery. Feel free to contact us if you have any question - we speak English, of course, and we're happy to share our passion.

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Chatterie de l'Eperon
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