We currently have four litters !

=>Babies of Hekla de l'Eperon and Troy av Folgefonn

=>Babies of Quiroga Jakobusland and Troy av Folgefonn

=> Babies of Häxan de l'Eperon and Troy av Folgefonn

=> Babies of Slytiger's Poster Girl Sohvi et GIC Geirrod de l'Eperon DVM

Our Kittens : Selling terms

A kitten from Eperon Cattery leaves our home at the age of 13 weeks minimum.
- He is fully vaccinated : panleukopenia, cat flu, leucosis, rabbies if he goes abroad.
- He is fitted with a microchip.
- He has been dewormed several times.
- He has been perfectly socialized, he is friendly, clean and ready to live in harmony in a human and cat family. He has had all the love and care he needed in his first three months of life, he grew up surrounded with affection, other cats, and all the noises of a normal household.
- He has a LOOF pedigree, according to the French law + a FIFe pedigree if he goes in breeding abroad.
- If he is a pet, he is already neutered.
- His parents have been tested for GSD4 and PK Deficiency and have been scanned by a Pawpeds specialist for HCM (heart) and CIN (kidneys).
- His parents have been tested for FIV/FELV and are negative.
- He has a veterinary health certificate.
- He is used to eating both dry and wet food.

I don't wish my kittens to be out-runners : cars, wild animals, poisonous products, dogs, diseases, swimming pools... too many things represent a great danger for cats. I wish my kittens to live a long and happy life in a caring and loving family !

It's important for me to have personal contact with the person before I sell a kitten. I don't ship kittens, they have to be picked up by their new owner, so that we can get to know each other and that I'm sure the kitten goes in safe hands.

Selling a kitten in breeding :

I test my cats for GSD4, HCM, CIN, PK Deficiency and I wish to work together with breeders who do test as well.

I only sell PK Defiency N/N kittens in breeding.

Rehoming neutered cats is not part of my view of breeding. Please understand that I am looking for forever homes for my kittens.

I do my best to give my cats the best living conditions and I wish for them to have beautiful living conditions in their new homes as well.

Don't hesitate and contact me if you have any question, I will be very happy to inform you about my cats, my kittens, their ancestors, my breeding, health, type, temper... in short : everything you would like to know.

Please contact me at : chatterie-eperon@voila.fr

I speak French, English, German and Swedish, you may write in any of those languages.
Ich kann Deutsch - Jag kan läsa svenska


Eperon Cattery
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26290 Donzère, France
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